". . .instructed in the songs of the Lord."

I  Chronicles (25: 6, 7)


Our Music & Hymnal

The Christian Science Hymnal Notes - For Use With the Christian Science Hymnal states, "When man first began to know themselves free to find God . . . they began to sing!" 

Music has always been an integral part of all Christian Science services and a very high standard of musical excellence is the norm in a Christian Science church.  Although there is not a church choir, at each service a soloist performs an uplifting piece that enhances the theme of the Lesson-Sermon. The soloist also joins the congregation in singing three hymns chosen by the First Reader from the  Christian Science Hymnal and the new Supplement, and accompanied either by the piano or pipe organ.  Approximately one hundred of the hymns reflect a Christian Science point of view, and the Hymnal includes several by Mary Baker Eddy, notably, LoveSatisfied, Feed My Sheep, Mother's Evening Prayer, Christmas Morn, Christ My Refuge and Communion Hymn.

For the hymnody enthusiast, the Hymnal Notes For Use With the Christian Science Hymnal may be of interest.  It contains brief studies of the hymns, hymn tunes, poets (Whittier and others) and composers represented in the Hymnal and is an excellent reference tool to add depth to the understanding of the hymns. This book is available to in the Reading Room Library.

The Christian Science Hymnal - A Brief History

The Christian Science Hymnal has continued to evolve since it was first published in 1892. Mr. Lyman Foster Brackett was the first Hymnal music editor, and it contained ninety-nine hymns by Mr. Brackett, mostly in the Gospel style, typical of the day.

In 1898, the Hymnal was revised, Mr. Brackett’s hymns were omitted, and new hymns were added. Several enlargements of the Hymnal occurred over the next dozen years. The Hymnal underwent a major revision in 1932 and it is this edition that is used in Christian Science services today.  The new Hymnal Supplement was published in 2008 (hymns 430 - 462) and offers a selection of newer hymns, many with more contemporary musical settings.

Our Church Piano & Pipe Organ - World Class Quality

Since the building of the new Santa Monica Church edifice in 1964, the pipe organ has garnered interest.  When the new church edifice was dedicated in 1974, it merited a feature article in Santa Monica Outlook, and the organ received special mention. (Please click here to read the article.)  The organ was manufactured by Abbot & Seiker, a renowned American manufacturer of church organs, then located in Los Angeles, California. The firm, while at its peak, lead the pipe organ reform movement in the western United States.

The church's baby grand piano hails from the prestigious Mason & Hamlin, founded in 1854 and originally located in Boston, Massachusetts, the birthplace of American piano design. The hand crafted pianos of Mason & Hamlin rival manufacturers such as Steinway, and are one of America's oldest and most respected manufacturers.

These world-class instruments are played by our talented church musician, and add to the enjoyment of the Christian Science music experience at every service.